Make yourself meet the

As parts manufacturer, you want to position your products at large producers and car manufacturers as needed. To be able to supply their customers in the best possible way, you need the information about when and where the product is needed.

Your added value:

  • Plan your marketing and your sales on a regional and supraregional level, according to your needs
  • Optimize stock and minimize costs
  • Discover gaps in your range of products and increase sales
  • Find new customers actively and effectively
  • Carrying out analysis ad hoc and on the ground
  • Comparing 28 countries

Determine the replacement demand on product and article level
AutoView provides you all relevant information - precisely tailored and optimally prepared for you.
Everything you could previously identify with a lot of effort,  by estimating or by analyzing of the order history of your customers, you just get by clicking a button: the replacement demand on product and article level in your region - based on the real stock of inventory structure. Localize your competitors as well.

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